Kickstart your dream: How to easily set up a music label

In today's dynamic music landscape, starting your own music label has become more accessible than ever before. The allure of creative freedom, control over releases, and the ability to curate your own unique sound has inspired many to venture into the realm of music entrepreneurship. If you've hesitated due to perceived complexities, fear not. This checklist will demonstrate that launching your music label is indeed achievable and exciting.


1. Choose a distinctive label name

Your label's name is its identity, so select a unique and memorable one. Prior to finalizing your choice, check platforms like Beatport to ensure its availability. Ensure correct spelling from the outset, as changes might not be possible later.


2. Craft an exceptional label logo

Design a logo that captures your label's essence. Let your creativity shine and create something truly unique.


3. Develop a consistent cover artwork style

Visual coherence in cover artwork adds professionalism to your label. Establish a consistent design theme that runs through your releases.

Usual format requirements for cover artwork:

  • Avoid blurriness
  • Exclude social media logos
  • Respect copyright regulations


4. Create a demo pool or email address

Simplify the artist outreach process by setting up a demo pool. This allows interested artists to submit their work for consideration. Either you set up a dedicated email address, where artists can submit their music to, or you start using demo pool platforms that give you even more possibilities to streamline your talent discovery process.


5. Draft artist contracts in advance

Proactively develop artist contracts that you can readily provide. Having contracts in place for every artist or track you license can save you from potential legal complexities down the road.


6. Register your business

Depending on where you are based in the world, registering your business as a small enterprise is a vital legal step. This way you avoid getting into trouble later on in the process. 


7. Secure distribution

Identify a dependable distributor to effectively share your label’s music across various platforms and broaden your audience. A music distributor serves as the bridge between your tracks and platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport. This link is crucial because without it, you can’t launch your music. For further details on our distribution services at dig dis!, please reach out to us.


8. Establish social media presence

Create dedicated social media accounts for your label. These platforms will serve as essential channels for spreading news, connecting with fans, and building your online community.


9. Claim your label team on Spotify for Artists

Once your label has released its third release, make sure to claim your label team account on Spotify for Artists. This unlocks access to valuable promotional features, pitching options and helpful insights and statistics for all of your label’s releases.  

To learn more about Spotify for Artists, check out our blog! article here.


10. Setting goals

Set achievable short-term and long-term goals for your label. These goals will guide your efforts and provide a clear sense of direction.


Starting your music label may seem like a complex endeavor, but with the right checklist, you can navigate the process smoothly. From choosing a distinct name and crafting a captivating logo to establishing your online presence and setting ambitious goals, each step contributes to your label's success. By adhering to this checklist, you'll be well on your way to launching a music label that not only reflects your passion but also contributes meaningfully to the ever-evolving music industry. Remember, the key lies in your dedication, creativity, and the unique sound you bring to the world. Register with us now here.