Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is the free tool that gives artists, labels and distributors the data they need from Spotify by providing streaming stats to better understand their performance across their entire catalog.
Spotify for Artists is an essential tool for artists. Your artist page is like a business card: a way to stand out from the crowd. Create your artist page in a way that reflects your identity as an artist and makes the most of all the page's features. This will help to attract the interest of potential fans.

Spotify for Artists not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also offers a lot of listener data, which helps you to get a closer look into your audience and helps you coordinate future marketing activities. Knowing where in the world your music is most played is invaluable when planning a tour, for example. Your most streamed tracks may give you clues as to where to go with your next single. The demographic stats of your die hard fans can be helpful in targeting your ads. And then, of course, there's the ability to submit your music to Spotify playlists, which is a great way to grow your fan base even more.


How to get an access
If you run a label that has music on Spotify, you can now use Spotify for Artists to access a number of features —including album-level data, custom date ranges, playlist pitching, and more. 
Labels will be able to add multiple people to their teams, and see a log of actions taken across their team in Spotify for Artists with a new Activity Page. Both artist and label teams will be able to make changes to an artist profile — whether it’s updating a bio or sharing a playlist through Artist Pick. 
If you’ve never used Spotify for Artists, you can check out our label onboarding guide here
We’ve also shared all the useful things you can do with the tools, with some helpful case studies on this new site.

To sign up to Spotify for Artists and get access to your catalog, you’ll need a Spotify account and your work email address. If you’re the first person from your organization to request access, you’ll need the URIs of at least 3 tracks that you’ve previously delivered to Spotify. 
Head to Artists Spotify Claim to get started.


How to manage your Spotify profile
Once Spotify has verified your profile, you officially get a verified profile, which means that your profile gets a little blue check mark and you can now start managing your profile. 
For example, you can add a bio, profile pictures, and banners. Your avatar is a small picture that is linked to your music. The profile picture must be square and at least 750px x 750px. Cover images must be at least 2660px x 1140px, but preferably 6000px x 4000px. All images must be in the following file formats: JPEG, PNG or GIF. The images must not be larger than 20 MB.
Furthermore, in your Spotify for Artist profile you can specify your upcoming tour dates and create artist playlists.

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