Creative ways to incorporate music into Instagram carousels

Instagram has unveiled an exciting new feature - the ability to infuse your photo carousels with captivating music. While last year saw the introduction of music integration with feed posts, the canvas has now expanded to include carousels, enabling an engaging storytelling experience. Additionally Instagram has also just increased their collab option to up to four creators, allowing users to collaborate on a single post. This offers even more possibilities to reach more people on Instagram. 


Adding music to Instagram carousels

In 2021, Instagram marked a milestone by enabling users to embed music into their individual feed posts. However, this musical accompaniment was limited to single-photo posts. Now, Instagram enthusiasts have the power to elevate their visual narratives with music in multi-image carousels. Carousels, which encompass multiple images or videos, let viewers traverse through up to 10 engaging media pieces by simply swiping left or right.


Harmonizing music with your carousel: A Step-by-Step guide

Instagram has democratized the creation of musical carousels, offering a delightful way to enhance your visual storytelling. Follow these steps to seamlessly weave music into your carousel journey:

  1. Step: Open your Instagram app and land on the home screen.
  2. Step: Swipe right or tap the plus icon to create a fresh post.
  3. Step: Choose "POST," then tap the multiple images icon. Select the images for your carousel and hit "Next."
  4. Step: Apply filters or edits to your images, or just tap "Next."
  5. Step: Tap "Add music" to infuse your carousel with music.
  6. Step: Explore popular tracks or search for a specific tune using the search bar
  7. Step: Tap the play icon to preview a track. Once you find the perfect match, tap to select it.
  8. Step: Choose a clip length (up to 90 seconds) and select a starting point by swiping on the waveform. Tap "Done" to lock in your selection.
  9. Step: When your piece is ready, tap "Share" to unveil it to the world.


Collaborative success: Artists working together through collabs

In addition to musical innovation, Instagram continues to focus on collaboration with its Collabs feature. Launched in 2021, the Collabs feature allowed two creators to combine their content and increase their reach by tapping into each other's audiences. Now Instagram has expanded the offering, allowing up to four creators, including the main user posting the picture or video and three others, to collaborate on a single post.


Instagram's recent improvements, from musical carousels to expanded collaborations, breathe new life into the platform's creative capabilities. By following the simple steps above, you can add captivating tunes to your visual stories and engage a wider audience through collaborations. So embark on a creative journey of discovery, and let the harmonious rhythm of innovation guide you. Your ideas are now more alive than ever.