7 ways how artists can make more money in 2022

There are many ways to make money with music nowadays. Probably the most common way to make money is through music downloads or through music streaming. Yet there are many other creative ways you should explore to earn money as an artist.

Live Streaming
Host a live Q&A | Stream behind the scenes: Go live on various platforms such as YouTube orTwitch. Organize a live Q&A session, for example. This way you get closer to your fans and they can communicate with you directly. Talk about your music career, plans for the future or interesting news about yourself. During the Q&A session, you can play a best-of playlist of your music and get monetized. You can even include donation links to your livestreams and get rewarded for answering the questions of your community. Another cool community experience would be to provide insights to the progress of your creative work. Maybe you can share your knowledge and give tips on making music. You even have the opportunity to give a teaser for your next release and get direct feedback.

Retail customized merchandise
You don't have to create a whole collection right away, you can start with small things like burlap bags, stickers or phone cases. Besides the additional income that comes through selling merch, it’s also a good promotional tool to spread your brand and logo.

Sell beats and samples
Sell your self-produced beats and samples. You may not use any of the samples you buy online for yourself, but there is definitely a huge market  for sample- and loop-packs! By the way, check out our most recent blog! post about sampling here. .

Collaborate with brands
If you have stable social media pages with engaging fans, you can consider collaborating with a brand that for instance sells music instruments like synthesizers. Contact the company and just ask if they would be interested in working with you. It's often worth taking the initiative and usually a win-win situation for both sides.

Make your fans aware of Patreon
Patreon is a membership platform that allows artists to earn money for their projects. As an artist, you have the opportunity to get paid for the projects you are already working on, such as a music video for instance. People are free to decide how much financial support they want to give you. Maybe you can offer free tickets or small giveaways in return.

Gain new attention for your tracks through compilations
If you distribute your music through dig dis! you also have the possibility to add your music to our compilation pool. With our inhouse built kompile! tool, your songs may appear on compilations and might gain new attention by standing next to well-known artists.

Create a NFT drop for your release
We’re sure everyone has heard of NFTs by now. Many artists and labels have done NFT drops in the past, generating huge amounts of revenue (sometimes within just a few hours). Through our partnership with twelve x twelve we can help you plan and release your own NFT drop around your release. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to deal with the complicated technical part of setting up an NFT drop. Check out our blog! post about NFTs here

Stay focused on your music
With a lot of shows being canceled due to the pandemic the last few years were not easy for the music world. But now it's time to look into the future with hopeful eyes and start blazing new trails for your music career. We hope that our tips will bring you further and feel free to check here if you are interested in our kompile! tool.