Why is it worth releasing different versions of a track?

In today's music industry, artists have a lot of choices for where to share their tunes. There are places like Beatport and Traxsource where people download tracks to play in their DJ sets. Then, there are streaming platforms like Spotify, where shorter, snappier versions of songs tend to do better. Let's dive into why making different versions of the same track can be a smart move.


Extended versions for download platforms

Platforms like Beatport and Traxsource are all about downloads. DJs head to these sites to find tracks that’ll wow the crowd in their next set. Extended versions of tracks do well here because they give DJs more to work with – longer intros and outros make mixing a breeze. So, if you're making music that DJs might play, having an extended version of your track can make it more appealing.


Optimizing for streaming success

Over in the streaming world with sites like Spotify or Apple Music, things look a bit different. Here, shorter tracks usually perform better. Why? Two reasons. First, people streaming music often prefer quick listens and don’t want to hear too long DJ intros or outros. Second, since streaming sites pay per stream, a shorter track can earn you more revenue. So, making a radio edit or a shorter version of your extended track can pay off. To clarify: We're not recommending that you go extremely short, but in this day and age of shorter and shorter tracks, you might want to consider cutting at least the DJ intro and outro for the streaming platforms. 


How dig dis! can help

If you're wondering how to manage releasing different versions of your track without a hassle, dig dis! has got your back. For artists working with us, releasing multiple versions of a track is straightforward. dig dis! simplifies the process of releasing these extended mixes for download platforms and vice versa, the shorter edit for streaming platforms. This way, your music gets to the right ears, no matter where they prefer to listen.


The Takeaway

Creating different versions of your track isn't just about meeting the different needs of download and streaming platforms; it's about making your music more accessible to a wider audience. By thinking about what listeners on each platform prefer, you can tailor your releases to suit them better. And with a music distributor like dig dis!, managing these releases can be pretty simple.


So, consider the idea of releasing multiple versions of your tracks. It could help your music reach more listeners and open up new opportunities.