Maximize your music's impact with Pandora AMP

Boost your music's reach and impact using Pandora's AMP platform, designed to help artists and labels connect with more listeners. Pandora, (known for its support of indie artists), offers a unique set of tools through its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) that can help you stand out and reach a wider audience.

Pandora is a significant music streaming service primarily available in the United States, known for its personalized music recommendations. It has a vast user base, with millions of active users and offers a large catalog of songs across various genres. Competing with giants like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, Pandora holds a considerable market share in the U.S. streaming industry.


Getting Started with Pandora AMP

Firstly, upload your music to Pandora for free using dig dis!. You can upload any number of tracks, from singles to albums, without any costs. We also distribute your music across other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, helping you reach listeners worldwide.
Once your music is on Pandora, claim your AMP profile by visiting the Pandora AMP artist claim page. AMP almost serves as a Spotify for Artists, just for Pandora. In order to claim your account, verify your identity, agree to the terms, and submit your information to start exploring AMP's features.


Exploring AMP's features

Pandora AMP provides a wealth of data and tools to help you understand your audience and performance:

  • Insights: Get detailed analytics on your streams, top tracks, and audience demographics. Use this information to plan your marketing and tour strategies.
  • Artist success: Keep track of your music's performance with regular updates and milestones notifications from Pandora.
  • Collaboration data: View data on your collaborations, including streams and station ads.
  • Programming placements: Discover which Pandora editorial programs feature your music, and share these placements to boost your visibility.
  • Artist metrics: Analyze your music's performance over time with detailed graphs and reports.
  • Top tracks: See your most popular songs on Pandora and delve into specific track insights.
  • Audience map: Identify where your listeners are concentrated in the U.S. and plan your tours accordingly. You can even promote shows directly on the map.


Customizing your Pandora profile

Enhance your artist profile to attract new listeners:

  • Profile photo: Upload a unique and recognizable artist photo.
  • Artist bio: Share your story and background through your bio, updated via TiVo.
  • Lyrics and credits: Add lyrics to your songs and credit collaborators, enriching your listeners' experience.


Advanced promotion with AMP

Utilize AMP's promotional tools to engage with fans and expand your reach:

  • Artist audio messages: Record personal messages that play to your listeners on Pandora.
  • Playlists and stories: Create and share playlists, adding personal voice tracks to connect with fans.
  • Promote shows: Announce upcoming concerts and sell tickets directly through Pandora, in partnership with Ticketmaster and Songkick.


By leveraging the features of Pandora AMP, you can significantly enhance your music's presence on one of the biggest streaming platforms. Customize your artist profile, dive into the data to understand your audience, use the insights to shape your music and marketing strategies, and directly engage with your listeners through unique promotional tools.
Remember, your journey on Pandora is not just about uploading music; it’s about actively engaging with the platform and its listeners. Use AMP to its full potential to showcase your music, tell your story and connect with fans. Take advantage of these tools to make your mark in the music world and expand your audience on Pandora and beyond.
Start today by claiming your Pandora AMP profile and explore all the possibilities to boost your music career.