Spotify for Artists: Dive into the new audience insights

As an artist, understanding your audience is crucial for building a successful music career. Spotify for Artists recognizes the importance of this data and has introduced new audience segmentation features to provide artists with even more powerful insights. These segments go beyond basic metrics and offer a 360-degree view of your listeners, helping you connect with fans on a deeper level and grow your audience strategically. Let's dive into the details of these exciting new features.


The power of audience segmentation

Until now, Spotify for Artists already provided high-level data, such as total streams, monthly listeners, and followers. While these metrics are essential, they lack nuance, making it difficult to differentiate between casual listeners and dedicated fans. With audience segmentation, you can now gain a better understanding of how different types of listeners engage with your music, leading to more informed decisions and improved fan connections.


a) Previously active audience: This segment comprises listeners who were once part of your active audience within the past two years but haven't streamed your music intentionally in the last 28 days. Re-engaging with these listeners can be fruitful, as they have already shown interest in your music.

b) Programmed audience: These are listeners who haven't been actively streaming your music within the past two years but have come across your tracks through editorial playlists, personalized playlists, radio, or other curated sources. This segment offers an excellent opportunity to attract new fans who are discovering your music for the first time.

c) Active audience: The active audience is a valuable group of listeners who have intentionally streamed your music within the past 28 days. They engage with your artist profile, albums, releases, playlists, and generate a significant portion of your streams and merch sales. Keeping this audience engaged is vital for sustained success.


Your success on Spotify relies greatly on engaging your active audience. Although they only make up 33% of your total listenership, they drive an astounding 60% of your streams and an impressive 80% of merch sales on the platform. Therefore, let's take a closer look at the breakdown of these three audience types.

Super listeners: These dedicated fans are the ones who have shown the most enthusiasm for your music. They are more likely to keep streaming your music and are essential for generating higher streaming numbers.

Moderate listeners: Moderate listeners stream your music regularly but not as frequently as super listeners. They have the potential to evolve into super listeners with targeted engagement strategies.

Light listeners: This segment includes active listeners who have streamed your music once or a few times in the past 28 days. Encouraging these listeners to engage more frequently can lead to an increase in their loyalty.


Gain a 360-degree view of your audience with the new "Segments" tab on Spotify for Artists. Understand each segment to identify growth areas and convert casual listeners into devoted fans. Engage the previously active to reignite interest and attract new fans from the programmed audience. Focus on super listeners and build a loyal fan base for long-term career success.

Spotify for Artists has introduced new game-changing features that provide a deeper understanding of listener and music data. These segments enable artists to refine their marketing and publishing approaches, build deeper connections with fans, and cultivate lasting engagement. By tapping into the diversity of their audience, artists can lay the foundation for a successful and lasting music career.