Navigating Beatport submissions: A guide for artists and labels

In the realm of digital music, Beatport stands out as a key platform for artists and labels in the electronic genre. With the ability to manage profiles directly, create label charts, and request features for both charts and artists, Beatport offers a range of tools to enhance online presence. This blog explores these features and provides essential information for artists and labels on how to make the most of Beatport.


1. Artist profile management on Beatport

Artists on Beatport can personally manage their profiles, a crucial element for maintaining a dynamic presence on one of the leading electronic music platforms. Ensuring that profiles are up-to-date is vital for an artist's visibility and success. Artists who wish to update their bio or profile picture can do this easily at the Beatport Profile Picture section. Additionally, it's important to note that changes to the label logo can only be made by the music distributor.


2. Chart Submission on Beatport

Beatport's Chart Submission feature enables artists and labels to create and submit their own charts. These charts are a significant promotional tool, reflecting the musical tastes and influences of artists and labels, thus guiding listeners and peers in the industry.


3. Beatport Link playlist submission

The Beatport Link Playlist submission feature allows for the creation and sharing of playlists with Beatport's large audience, proving particularly useful for promoting new releases or curated track collections.


4. Copyright claim process on Beatport

Beatport has a straightforward process for copyright claims. The Beatport copyright claim system helps protect the rights of artists and labels, ensuring proper licensing and attribution of music on the platform.


Due to the high volume of requests, updates on Beatport, such as profile changes and chart submissions, may take up to 7 weeks to go live. Patience during this period is key.
If you have an existing account with dig dis!, feel free to contact our team at, as we often can speed up the process of updating both artists and label profiles.


The submission and profile management tools on Beatport offer artists and labels significant control over their digital presence. While updates may take some time, the benefits of a well-managed Beatport presence are immense in the digital music landscape.