Spotify's new AI playlist feature

Spotify's AI Playlist is a game-changer for music lovers seeking a more personalized listening experience. By simply typing in a prompt, you can have Spotify craft a playlist tailored specifically to your mood, activity, or even time of day. Whether you're a fan of indie rock, jazz, or any genre in between, AI Playlist uses Generative AI technology to match your unique taste.


How it works

Spotify's AI Playlist leverages Generative AI to interpret your prompts and combines this with its advanced personalization technology and algorithms. This ensures that each playlist not only meets your request but also aligns with your music listening habits. Dive deeper into how Spotify crafts these personalized experiences by visiting their Understanding Recommendations page.


Safe and enjoyable for everyone

Spotify aims to keep the AI Playlist feature enjoyable and respectful for all users. Should a prompt not adhere to Spotify's platform rules, the system will guide you to adjust your request. Your feedback is invaluable—share your thoughts directly through the app to help Spotify enhance this innovative feature.


Ready to explore? Spotify AI Playlist Launch in the UK & Australia

Embrace the future of personalized music discovery with Spotify's AI Playlist. Whether you're looking for the perfect soundtrack for your morning jog or a playlist to unwind in the evening, AI Playlist is here to transform your musical journey. Check it out on your Spotify Premium account if you're in the UK or Australia, and get ready to see your musical ideas come to life.

Start crafting your unique playlists today and explore the endless possibilities with Spotify's AI Playlist. Your next favorite song is just a prompt away.