Spotify launched a new “Car Thing” - A smart player for your car

For many, the car is a faithful companion. Whether it's driving to work, picking up the kids from school, or running the daily errands. So it's no wonder that there are over 70 million user-created driving-themed playlists on Spotify. No matter where you're going, Spotify is the perfect companion in the car, thanks to the many ways to listen to Spotify. However, it can be annoying to only use your phone all the time since you might need it for the navigation system.
Spotify has released a limited version of Car Thing, a new smart player that fills your car with music, news, entertainment and conversation.
For drivers of older vehicles, using Spotify can sometimes be quite cumbersome. The streaming service has recognized this problem and developed Spotify Car Thing, a smart player that makes the car "Spotify-ready" and brings Spotify's entire catalog of music and podcasts to vehicles for an even wider audience. 

Spotify Car Thing only works in combination with a smartphone with WiFi or mobile data connection - so strictly speaking, it's not a standalone player, but a kind of remote control. A paid Spotify Premium subscription is also a requirement for use. The device can be attached to the air vents in the cockpit.

Car Thing is currently available to eligible users in the U.S. and allows you to play your favorite music faster, so you can hear that hit song or the latest podcast episode before you've even pulled out of the driveway. Switching between your favorite tunes is effortless, so as soon as you're in the mood, you can switch to something else. And when it comes to controlling the device, you can use it in whatever way works best for you, whether it's by voice, touch, or physical controls. 
Car Thing makes the entire experience, from setup to navigation, simple and seamless.

How it works:
- Use voice control for easy access. Spotify's voice search lets you quickly play specific music or podcasts, and even helps you find something new. Just say "Hey Spotify" and then ask for a song, album, artist, playlist, station, or podcast. Thanks to the four microphones on top, Car Thing can understand what you want to play, even when the music is louder or the windows are rolled down.
- Try the dial to easily control the music you love. Use the wheel to search, select, play, pause and discover. 
- The touchscreen display lets you see what's playing. You can also use the screen to see what's in your library, as well as voice search results. Swipe to continue scrolling or skipping, or tap to play.
- Choose four preset buttons to get to your favorites faster, then change them at any time.

When is “Spotify Car Thing” coming to Europe?
Car Thing from Spotify is currently rolling out on a limited basis in the US. For a certain period of time, Car Thing is even available for free (without shipping). Users in the U.S. can sign up for the waiting list on the website The anticipated retail price is expected to be $79.99 US. It is not yet known when and if the Spotify Car Thing smart player will also be launched in Europe and what it will cost here.

We are excited to see the future of this “thing” and hope that it further drives Spotify streams by allowing even more people to enjoy music wherever and whenever they want. For now, we can only wait for it to be available outside of the US.