Unlocking tools and insights with Apple Music for Artist

Apple Music for Artists lets you easily analyze the streams of your tracks and albums on Apple Music, as well as downloads via the iTunes store.
Apple Music for Artists is available as a desktop version as well as an app (but only for iOS).
To gain access to your data, you must first register for it and have it assigned to your artist profile. You sign in with your Apple ID and select the artist profile for which you would like to have access.
Once Apple has granted access, you're ready to go.

Data such as sales and streams are updated daily. For over 100 countries, you can view separate statistics for each track. In addition to the origin, there is also information on the age and gender of your listeners. However, there are certain limits here, which is due to Apple’s data privacy policy.
Also, you can get the info on how listeners come to your profile. So whether they came from algorithmic radio or if the streams originated from a playlist.
Furthermore, since Apple bought out Shazam last year, you can also find this data. So you can see how many times someone shazamed one of your songs and from where that was. Another feature is also that in the Apple Music for Artist app, the notification goes on as soon as there have been significant changes to your data. These can be comparisons to the previous week's streams, milestones such as the first million plays on a song, or when your song was added to a large playlist.

Conveniently, Apple Music for Artists also lets you customize your profile picture.
It is also possible to grant access to the data to other parties. The person who requests access is automatically an administrator. This person can then give access to other team members either as "Administrator" with all rights, as "Analytics" so that the data can be viewed or simply as "Profile Editor" so that he/she can upload artist pictures. So you can easily invite your band members, managers or label employees.

Check it out on the other stores like Amazon Music and Spotify.