Easy demo submissions with LabelRadar

Navigating the music industry's complexities to get noticed by labels and promoters can be a challenging journey for new artists. Simultaneously, labels and promoters listen to a vast number of submissions, making it hard to discover emerging talent. The platform LabelRadar, which is owned by Beatport, offers a solution to these challenges by facilitating a smoother demo submission process for artists and providing labels with a more manageable way to find new music.


Connecting artists with the music industry

LabelRadar streamlines the connection between over 200,011 artists and 2,646 labels and promoters to date, reaching an audience of over 842.3 million music fans. This platform simplifies the demo submission process, promoting fair exposure for musicians of all levels.


Efficient demo submission

Artists can upload their music and select a 20-second clip that best represents their track. This clip can be shared with the Public Pool for all labels and promoters or sent directly to a specific one. This system removes the hassle of finding contact details and ensures demos reach the intended audience.


Facilitating music discovery

Labels and promoters on the other hand have the opportunity to explore these clips and can engage directly with artists on the platform. This interaction streamlines the process from demo submission to potential release, making it easier for both parties to communicate and collaborate.


Simplifying the process for promoters

LabelRadar offers a solution to common submission challenges faced by promoters, providing a uniform format for reviewing demos. This efficiency benefits promoters by cutting down on unnecessary complexity.


Involving fans in the process

Fans also play a significant role on LabelRadar, helping to scout and promote new music. Their engagement can influence which demos are noticed by labels and promoters, showcasing the power of community support in the music discovery process.


How does it work?

LabelRadar's intuitive platform breaks down the submission process into simple steps:

  1. Upload: Drag and drop your song file to start.
  2. Select: Choose the best 20-second clip of your song, specify the genre, and add collaborators and tags.
  3. Send: Pick the label or promoter to send your demo to.
  4. Notification: Receive instant notification when your demo is reviewed, and start a conversation if there's interest.

This efficient process puts artists in control, ensuring their music is presented in the best possible light.


Why 20 seconds matters

Understanding that time is precious, LabelRadar's focus on a 20-second clip ensures that the essence of a song is presented promptly. This method benefits artists by focusing attention on the highlights of their work.



For Labels: Efficient discovery

LabelRadar offers labels the ability to quickly review artist-submitted clips, facilitating easy discovery of new talent. Detailed artist profiles and integrated messaging simplify negotiations, while the platform's vast artist pool and customizable filters help labels find their next hit faster.


Streamlined talent Scouting

  • Quick selection: Swipe through 20-second artist-selected clips to find potential releases.
  • In-depth artist insights: Engage with artists directly, view their social media, past releases, and more.
  • Expanded music pool: Access submissions sent to all labels, using filters to pinpoint the exact sound you're seeking.

Enhanced label operations

  • Centralized communication: Manage agreements, files, and more within your LabelRadar account.
  • Community engagement: Automatic notifications to artists ensure they feel valued, maintaining a healthy relationship between labels and musicians.
  • Spam elimination: A dedicated submission portal ensures relevance and reduces unwanted email.

Marketing and promotion

  • Fan engagement: Notify fans who liked a track about its release, offering a marketing boost.
  • Remix competitions: Easily run contests, engaging with LabelRadar's artist community to find standout remixes, while also growing your social reach.


Moving forward with LabelRadar

LabelRadar is more than just a platform; it's a practical approach to connecting artists with labels and promoters. By making demo submissions easier and more effective, LabelRadar is helping to pave the way for a more accessible and equitable music industry. As the platform continues to grow, it stays focused on its goal of making the music industry more accessible for artists everywhere, demonstrating that the right support can bring new music to the forefront.