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With the free software konnekt! you have everything in your own hands at any time.

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konnekt! is designed for your music label and saves you time as a label manager every day. Monitor your sales, design strategies for your marketing promotion, create artist invoices or compile your music catalog for the next release - all quickly, easily and precisely.

You have full control 365 days a year - whether at home, on tour or in the studio. 

Your music label at a glance!

Simplify your label management with our free software konnekt! Our innovative tools are tailor-made for you and help you with your daily label work.


rokket! allows you to create and plan your release in just a few steps. Add all relevant metadata to your release and submit it - we take care of the rest and deliver to all download and streaming portals worldwide!


You want to create a promotion around your release? Don't waste time and start your first campaign directly with kontact!.


Our insights! tool allows you to find out exactly where and when your releases were sold. Get an exact and fully configurable overview of your streaming and download numbers - filter by release, track, artist, platform and much more!


Keep track of your finances! Create targeted statements for you and your artists. Thanks to kontrol! it's easy and fast - label administration has never been so simple!

Start your music label now and get access to all tools.


You want to see in real time where your music is charted, featured or added to a playlist? Then charts! is the right tool for you.


Thanks to our real-time interfaces, you can spot trends in your sales and streams faster than others - be the first to react to the latest developments!


split! allows you to enter the revenue shares of artists, but also of contributors such as composers, already during the upload process of a new release. Once entered and saved, labels no longer have to worry about how the revenues need to be shared across all participants. 


With our link! tool you can create smart link campaigns in no time. Get one link for all platforms and bring your promotion to a professional level.


Thanks to our partnership with Masterchannel, one of the world's leading AI mastering services, you can easily create audio masterings for your tracks. Just click here and use our web app to bring your tracks up to the audio standard of all leading music platforms.

More tools for your music label


export! allows you to create bulk-import files with just one click, which you can then submit to GVL, PPL and many other collecting societies.


vault! protects the metadata and master files of your music catalog. You don't have to worry about data loss. Just download everything again whenever you need to!


You want to deliver your release as fast as possible to all download and streaming portals and the standard delivery time is too long for you? With fastlane! your release is online within a week!


kompile! allows you to create compilations not only with your own tracks but with tracks from the entire dig dis! ecosystem thus generating you some extra revenue. You can apply for kompile! at any time after joining dig dis!.

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