Spotify Wrapped 2022 - Here’s what’s new!

As the year 2022 comes to an end, it's time for your yearly Spotify music review. "Spotify Wrapped" is probably familiar to everyone by now, but to pick everyone up at this point: it's an in-depth look that captures which artists, tracks, albums and podcasts you listened to the most during the year. Spotify is collecting the data through the end of October and will make it available to every Spotify user at the end of the year.
Spotify Wrapped reveals users' listening habits like their top five most streamed artists, the music moods they listened to and even gives users a shuffled playlist of their 100 favorite tracks of the year. It was first introduced in 2016 and has been a very popular feature ever since. Spotify users can share this throwback on social media or show it to their friends & loved ones. 
This means that millions of listeners around the world will be able to remember their favorite songs and top artists in 2022 with the help of Spotify.
At this point, all artists need to pay attention now: What's new this year is the ability to connect fans with their top artists. This means that you can get in touch with your listeners as an artist with a personal video message. 

How you should design your video message?

You have complete freedom in designing your video message. For example, you can thank everyone for their great support, tell them what's happening in your life, what you're doing music-wise or what has impacted you this year. It's important that the video is no longer than 30 seconds and that you record it vertically. It also shouldn’t have music playing in the background or include overlays such as logos, graphics or filters. 
Upload the video message to Spotify for Artists. Whether you do it in the app or in the browser, you can't miss the "Upload Now" button. Once your video is uploaded and approved, it will appear in a so-called "Wrapped Video Playlist" customized for each listener.
But you have to be quick! Make sure to upload your personal video message by November 18th. 

We at dig dis! recommend you to use this feature, as this message will allow you to get even closer to your fans, express your gratitude and give you the possibility to thank your fans who’ve been listening to your music all year long.
You'd better start now, because time is ticking. Have fun with Spotify Wrapped!