Fitness meets music: The dig dis! and Peloton collaboration

Pretty much everyone interested in sports has probably heard of Peloton lately or maybe even sat on a home spinning bike or joined a training session themselves. In times of Corona, where all fitness studios are closed, Peloton is the optimal sports platform to stay fit - remotely. The matte black designed exercise bike is the workout trend of the moment. But how is that beneficial for music producers and labels? Read further to find out how to get your music on Peloton and make money.


What is Peloton?
Peloton is a fitness platform for home use. The platform started with a revolutionizing home-trainer, offering indoor cycling with personal trainers. Over time the platform has extended its service and now not only offers live spinning classes via a screen directly built-in to the home trainer treadmill, but also on-demand fitness training, yoga and stretching or audio-guided running workouts via the smartphone app. It’s possible to network with other bikers worldwide, share your progress or simply send a high five for motivation.
Music is undeniably an important companion for many fitness enthusiasts - listening to the driving beats of a workout playlist or even the relaxing sounds of some Nature Ambience makes it easier to work or stretch those muscles!. The built-in Peloton HD touchscreen allows users to choose their own soundtrack for their fitness workout and makes it easy to get started quickly.


dig dis! x Peloton
And that's where dig dis! comes in. We have secured an exclusive partnership with Peloton offering your music to their growing community and monetising its usage on the platform. We are one of the few music distributors that supply Peloton and we think this is a great opportunity for your music to be heard and be monetised.

In other words: Fitness enthusiasts can exercise to your music and discover new songs of the dig dis! repertoire while you get paid. It’s a win-win!