Electronic music artists to watch out for in 2024

Entering 2024, the electronic music scene introduces several promising artists worth watching. This article features three artists whose unique styles and contributions are gaining attention in the industry. For those keen on discovering fresh sounds and talents, these artists offer a diverse range of music that caters to a wide spectrum of electronic music fans.


Lauren Mia

Originating from Los Angeles, Lauren Mia is known for her innovative approach and versatility in music. Trained in classical piano, she has transitioned into roles such as a DJ, composer, singer-songwriter, and producer. Notably, her performances at major events like Tomorrowland have garnered international attention. In 2024, she is launching her record label and releasing an album titled RE:BIRTH, marking significant milestones in her career.



Saive, a German artist specializing in downtempo music, combines organic instruments, synthesizers, and pianos to create emotive and scenic compositions. He has a considerable following, evidenced by 188,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and features on various editorial playlists. The establishment of his label, "Océan," signifies a commitment to bringing new and engaging musical experiences to his audience in 2024 and beyond.


Isabelle Beaucamp

Isabelle Beaucamp is recognized in the electronic music community, primarily as a DJ. Recently, she has ventured into music production, aiming to make a significant impact in 2024. Her music, known for its raw and robust sound, makes a lasting impression. Her prominence is underscored by her feature on the cover of FAZE magazine, highlighting her influential presence in the industry.


As we navigate through 2024, the dynamic nature of the electronic music scene becomes evident, with artists like Lauren Mia, Saive, and Isabelle Beaucamp capturing interest with their distinctive sounds and projects. While each artist brings something unique to the table, their collective presence signals an exciting time for electronic music enthusiasts. Keep these artists on your radar and follow our blog for continuous updates and insights into emerging talents and trends within the electronic music landscape.