Amplifying revenue: Strategies for your music back catalogue

OK, so you put a lot of money and time into recording a release; you published it and you ideally got a lot of streams and sales from it. Then slowly but steadily over time, the interest in that piece of music fades and you start off again with a fresh idea for a bigger, better, more brilliant release that knocks the socks off that last release.

Time to throw the previous release in the dustbin-of-history so you can focus on your new material, right? 
Here’s why: when you recorded the old release, you produced something that is very valuable nowadays: Real content.
Good content takes time to produce and even if you find your old songs boring and out-dated, they can tell a story and show people your development not only as an artist but also as a label.

So, here are some tips on how you can make the most out of your old material: 

Create a landing page
Show your artist or label back catalog to your fans by creating a landing page via services such as ToneDen and add your entire catalog with clickable links. This way, you'll ensure that previous releases are also accessible to your fans.

Create playlists on Spotify
Spotify is one of the most important platforms to promote your music. Create a playlist with all of your artist’s and label’s releases for free. You can then even add the playlist link to your social media biographies, add it to your email signature or just frequently promote it online, so people get reminded to listen to your catalogue. Verify your Spotify account here.


Create charts/playlists on Beatport
It’s the same as on Spotify. Use Beatport charts & Beatport LINK for free to give your music catalogue more reach and attention.


Remaster your release
If you have an engaged fan base, they might be interested in a remixed or remastered version of an earlier work of yours. Give them extra value and a reason to buy or stream this old piece of yours one more time. 


Rework a track and re-release it
Rework a song from your catalogue. Maybe you have a great song on an older release, but it suffered from poor production. Try it again and release it as your next single. Who knows, maybe it will be a hit the second time around.


There's actually quite a lot you can do with your older material. While it's important to focus on current projects, there are also many opportunities to make something out of old content.
We hope that with these tips we could help you to get more out of your back catalog.