Why smart links are a game-changer for your music promotion

In today's music landscape, artists need to seize every opportunity to stand out. The power of promotion has transitioned considerably with the dominance of digital platforms. Now more than ever, it's about connecting with your audience directly and efficiently. The most potent tool to achieve this are smart links!

Smart links for music are dynamic URLs that guide listeners to a song or album on their preferred streaming- or download platform. They simplify promotion by consolidating multiple platform links into one. By directing fans to their chosen service, thus they enhance the listening experience. Additionally, their embedded analytics offer artists insights into listener preferences and behaviors.


Introducing "link!" – The ultimate music promotion tool

In our continual commitment to empower artist and label partners, we're elated to unveil our latest innovation: "link!". We understand the intricate challenges musicians encounter in this digital age. That's why we've incorporated the "link!" tool, facilitating the creation of smart links effortlessly – and the best part? It's at no extra cost.


Here’s how “link!” works:

  1. Easy access: Navigate to our "rokket" upload tool. There, nestled within, is the brand-new "link!" feature.
  2. Choose your release: Select the release you wish to showcase.
  3. Craft your campaign: Designate a compelling campaign title that captures the essence of your music and captivates your audience.
  4. Generate & customize: With your details keyed in, spawn your custom smart link. This link will auto-assemble all platform links related to your release. The beauty of it? You dictate which platforms to highlight or omit. Fancy adding a distinctive link? We've got you covered.
  5. Brand it your way: Personalize the aesthetics of your landing page to echo your unique vibe. For an added allure, embed a teaser of your title.


More than just a link!: Dive deep with analytics

Knowledge is power. The "link!" tool doesn’t just offer a stylish, personalized link but also unlocks a world of comprehensive analytics. Gauge where your enthusiasts are navigating from, their platform predilections, and refine your subsequent promotions to perfection.


Coming soon: The pre-save option

We never stop innovating. Teasing a bit of what's on the horizon, a pre-save option is set to debut on "link!" soon. This will empower fans to earmark your tunes in their collection prior to its grand release, amplifying excitement and engagement.


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