dig dis!cover with Denise Schneider

I'm definitely pleased that you took the time. Earlier, I checked out your Spotify account, and you now have over 300,000 monthly listeners. When you started making music, did you ever think you would reach so many monthly listeners?
So am I honestly didn't initially have that thought. I think it's the aspiration of every artist to garner a large audience and be successful. However, when I first started, I didn't hold this expectation. In fact, I've been creating music for quite some time and I'm genuinely delighted that everything has unfolded in this manner.


Would you also agree that success includes having a substantial number of listeners?
Certainly, yes. Our aim has consistently been to achieve a broad and substantial following, as it validates our existence and affirms that our creative work is connecting with people. This goal has always been significant to us, but the extent of our success has taken us by surprise.


Absolutely, I consider that a significant accomplishment, especially within the electronic music scene, where thriving on streaming platforms isn't always common. It's so cool to see that it has worked out for you so well. I'm curious, what inspired you to start creating music? Did you always delve into techno and related genres, or has your musical style changed over the years?
It was actually a constant evolution. I didn't start with Techno right away. My first steps into the world of music came through my business partner Mario, who has always been involved in booking and artist management and I rediscovered my passion for music, and back then, I was already playing electronic music, but more in the mainstream realm. That was the style of music that resonated with me at the time.
Over time, I transitioned to Techno. I realized that the fast-paced nature of EDM music didn't align with my personality and furthermore it challenging to connect with the audience in that genre. I'm naturally a more reserved person and I felt that I couldn't sustain that level of energy for extended periods. It didn't feel right. So, a few years later, I decided to embrace Techno when I felt that it was a better fit for me.


Returning to your early days: Did you teach yourself how to DJ when you first started, or did you receive guidance from someone?
No, not self-taught. I actually came to it relatively overnight. It was a unique situation. Mario had booked a gig for me in Austria. The club owner wanted a female DJ, and since previous attempts with other female DJs hadn't worked out, he asked me if I was interested. At first it was a little joke, but then it quickly became serious. I had about three weeks to prepare for my first gig. I had no idea about DJ controllers and co., but luckily I had friends who knew a lot about its technology and music. 


So, it was an intensive crash course into the world of DJing? 
Exactly, overnight, and then within three weeks. *laughs*


Last year you launched your own label "Better With You Music" with us. What made you decide to start your label and what is your vision for it?
I co-founded the label with my business partner and the invaluable support of my team. This decision was prompted by our production work over the past year and beyond. While we always felt proud of our productions, when we submitted them to various labels, the feedback often amounted to acknowledging their quality while indicating that they didn't quite align with the labels' preferences. What frustrated me about these responses was that we didn’t get proper feedback or constructive insights. I recognize that music is subjective and not everyone will share our taste. So, I concluded that I didn't want to chase opportunities with those who weren't genuinely enthusiastic about our work. If I believe in a track, I want to release it, and that's why I pushed on establishing my own label.


How did you come across dig dis! and how have we been able to support you in your music career so far?
Of course, I've always been familiar with you, even though I hadn't done any label work before. So, I've always had you in mind. And when I saw what you do, namely distributing music to streaming and download platforms, it was a huge benefit for me. You provide support so professionally and make our work so much easier. There was no doubt for me and I immediately thought: let's do it. There are so many things to consider and it's not as simple as distributing shares or splitting among all participants. That indeed requires a lot of effort. And if an artist can be supported in that, or if that workload can be taken off one's shoulders, it's obviously a huge relief. So, thank you for letting us collaborate with you.


We're glad to have you on board! Thank you for sharing those insights. As we near the end of this interview, I took note of the many gigs you've had in Germany recently. And your international tours have been quite extensive too. Is there any specific event or show you're eagerly anticipating this year?
Indeed. There's a plethora of events on my calendar that I'm excited about. I'm lucky to be in a position where I can pick and choose my gigs. I find joy in blending my personal life with my profession as a DJ. Traveling to familiar places where I have acquaintances and friends is always a pleasure. From Amsterdam, to Ibiza, to other global destinations, or even Germany, there are several festivals and club shows that I'm eager to attend. Every event is an opportunity to renew both my professional and personal ties. It's challenging to single out one event, as each has its special vibe. I’m also keen to explore new clubs, especially when they invite me for the first time. Ultimately, merging my work with my passions and personal life brings me so much joy. The timeless phrase "music connects" deeply resonates with me. Over the years, music has introduced me to countless incredible individuals. Maintaining these relationships is so important to me.


Yes I think, especially in the music and creative industries, maintaining those connections is critical. It's more than just a profession; it reflects an incomparable way of life.
Absolutely! It's like a big family reunion that enhances the overall experience. It's always heartwarming when someone approaches me after an event and suggests a collaboration. Above all, it's about enjoying life in connection with music and appreciating the community that surrounds it.


Thank you for sharing such engaging tales and insights from your musical journey during the interview. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for "Better With You Music."