dig dis! x Talentir - Introducing Co-Ownerships on YouTube

Today, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Talentir. We always strive to maximize the impact of our Artists. Blockchain technology enables fine-grained split payments to an unlimited number of people, unlocking a new era of co-ownership. Sign up here to get started


The andhim Showcase

At the end of 2023, we launched our first world record showcase together with andhim.

The DJ Duo from Berlin gave away all ownership of their Music Video “I Love You” for free. There are now 267 separate owners on the video, all pushing for its success. Check it out on Talentir and feel free to create a bid to become a co-owner as well.
The Fanbase loved the idea of owning something together with their fans, which resulted in a successful value-driven campaign for both sides: andhim made their top fans visible, and the fanbase has an actual stake in their favorite artists.
Since this release, we have transferred the generated Royalties (Ad-Revenue from their YouTube) to almost 300 people every month.


Starting with YouTube

We are offering on-chain royalties, starting with YouTube. This step allows us to refine our approach to integrating blockchain technology into our infrastructure, ensuring you can manage earnings with unprecedented opportunities.


Fine-grained split payments

At the core of the technology provided by Talentir is the possibility of distributing royalties to hundreds or even thousands of people. You can use it to distribute revenue to different participants of your creation or even gift away or sell parts of the video to the community.


Co-Ownership Campaigns

You can gift shares of your earnings to fans, collaborators, and investors, increasing the engagement on releases and pushing your fans to create short remixes from your videos. YouTube is heavily pushing this feature. The data shows that co-ownership campaigns can increase engagement by a factor of three. Talentir ensures monthly, hassle-free distribution of earnings, directly reflecting each party's contribution.


Building a Loyal Community

Co-ownership campaigns offer a unique way to engage with and reward your audience, transforming them into active stakeholders in your success. By allowing fans to own a stake in your projects, you're building a community of loyal supporters who are financially and emotionally invested in your work, resulting in a significant uptick in the performance of the asset.


Capital Raising & Marketplace

Our platform also allows you to sell future revenue for upfront capital, providing a new avenue for funding projects. This feature puts the power back in the hands of musicians, allowing you to set the terms under which you raise funds from the community. Your fans can trade ownership of the videos after they release each other, showing you the increase in the worth of your creations. You receive 2.5% of the purchase price for every trade between fans.


Free onboarding

For a limited time, you can onboard a video or channel onto Talentir for free by simply filling out this form. After onboarding your video, you have multiple options:

  • Simply onboard a Video and wait for Bids to arrive to get a sense of the worth of your video. This is free of charge, and you can take your video off at any point.
  • Create a co-ownership campaign and gift a part of the video (e.g., 20%) to the community.
  • Sell a part of the video to the community and raise funds. You set the price and amount you are willing to sell.

You’ll receive the contact data of all participants and can engage them in new ways. These are your super fans and are most likely receptive to follow-up campaigns.


A new era

Owning your music together with your fans creates the ultimate community. It’s time for a new era of music ownership where the Artists set the conditions.