Be aware of these holiday deadlines when releasing your music!

As the holiday season approaches, artists and labels in the digital music industry must navigate a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to the timing of releasing new tracks. This festive period, while full of cheer and celebration, requires careful planning and strategic thinking to ensure the success of music releases.


Navigating the holiday effect on digital music platforms and DSP deadlines

During the festive season, operations at Digital Service Providers (DSPs) experience a significant slowdown. These platforms are essential for distributing music online, but they often operate with reduced staff during major holidays like Christmas and New Year's. This reduction in workforce can lead to substantial delays in processing and updating playlists or store fronts. For artists and labels, understanding and planning for this seasonal impact is crucial to prevent your releases from not having the impact it could have had. 
Compounding this challenge is the need to navigate the specific deadlines set by DSPs for music distributors. These deadlines, which can vary between platforms, are particularly stringent during the holiday season. Missing these deadlines can result in music not being processed until the holiday period is over, thereby causing further delays in reaching audiences. It's imperative for artists and labels to be aware of and adhere to these deadlines to ensure timely processing and distribution of their music.


The marketing side of releasing during the holidays

Releasing music over the holidays poses not just technical hurdles but also marketing challenges. With many people busy with holiday activities, both curators and listeners may not give new releases the attention they would otherwise receive.


Release timing: A key to success

In light of these challenges, selecting an optimal release date becomes even more crucial. Utilizing platforms like dig dis!, which show available release dates, can help artists and labels avoid the congested holiday period. While it might be tempting to release music during this time, aiming for a date outside the busy window of December 22, 2023, to January 5, 2024, is generally advisable. This strategy not only ensures more efficient processing by DSPs but also increases the likelihood of your music being properly reviewed by curators and discovered by listeners.


The advantage of post-holiday releases

Releasing music just after the holiday season can also be advantageous. Post-holiday periods often see a surge in audience engagement as listeners return to their regular routines and are more open to exploring new music. This can be an opportune time to capture the attention of both curators and listeners, potentially leading to better playlist placements and higher streaming numbers.