TikTok Music: A fresh force in music streaming

TikTok Music has entered the music scene as a new player in streaming, and it's brought to you by the creators of the famous TikTok app. Get ready for some exciting changes in the world of music streaming! Last year we already pondered the question: Will TikTok Music be the next big streaming platform? And now it has been launched!


First steps

TikTok Music is now starting in Brazil and Indonesia, bringing a new way to listen to music. Unlike some other services, it doesn't have a free version with ads at first. The streaming service “TikTok Music” from its parent company ByteDance, will replace the existing service “Resso” (which, by the way, we already supply as a music distributor). People who already use Resso can easily switch to TikTok Music with just one tap.


The fusion of music and video

It’s no question that TikTok has a huge impact on music. Over 170 songs that were popular on TikTok also became hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and Spotify's top playlists. What's unique about TikTok Music is how it's linked to the video app, similar to YouTube Music and its TikTok's rival “Shorts”, people can use short parts of songs, like 60 seconds, in their TikTok videos. This is a powerful way for the music industry to promote and discover new talent in an already familiar environment. 


Striving for a smooth experience

Previously, if TikTok users wanted to listen to a full song, they had to leave the app. TikTok Music is aiming to remove this inconvenience by providing an all-in-one solution. Nevertheless, it's up against strong competition from well-established players such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Interestingly, 67% of TikTok users have shared that they stream a song on different platforms after discovering it on TikTok. This highlights the significant potential that TikTok Music holds.


What is the benefit of TikTok Music?

TikTok has always been highly personalized, and the interaction between music and users has been a key focus. The comment feature is designed to enhance the music experience. Additionally, TikTok users can seamlessly transition from their existing profiles to make the most of this new service.


With TikTok Music's introduction, the music streaming landscape witnesses the emergence of a potent competitor driven by its integration with the viral TikTok app. As TikTok continues to reshape the way we engage with music, the industry stands poised for further transformation and innovation. Stay tuned for updates on TikTok Music's journey and its potential global expansion.