Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here

Your personal Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here - a comprehensive report on your musical habits based on what you’ve listened to over the year. It is the first time that Spotify has released this feature so early. Now’s the time to reflect on what your musical journey has been in 2022. The report contains a summary of the songs you listened to the most and artists that you've discovered throughout the year.

Get to know your music tastes like never before. Spotify Wrapped report reveals how much you’re listening and what’s been most popular within your own playlists over the past year. It contains information about how much time you spent listening to each artist and what songs were the most popular ones for you. You can also see which artists were new discoveries for you and which artists were ones that have been around for a while but are just now catching your attention. You also can even see how many minutes of podcasts you have listened to this year and what your favorite one has been.
In addition you can discover your personal playlist of the best songs you have listened to this year on Spotify via a personalized playlist. In short, it’s all about you. Share your Spotify Wrapped with your friends, family and followers. You can also keep it for yourself as a reminder of all the amazing music moments from this year.

As an artist, it’s a great feature to share your numbers and thank your fans for their continued support throughout this year.
Spotify Wrapped 2022 is a fantastic way to reminisce about your favorite music and see what you listened to the most.