Maximizing your craft with Deezer for Creators

In some of our last blog posts, we already introduced you to the different Artists Analytic tools from platforms like Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music. Today we’d love to show you what Deezer offers to artists and how you can benefit from their brand new insights and analytics tool ‘Deezer for Creators’. 

Deezer has launched its new hub ‘Deezer for Creators', a mobile and desktop application for artists and managers that provides analytical performance data based on how fans and listeners interact with music for detailed insight into their streams. 
If you had access to the previous Deezer Backstage tool, you'll still have access to the same features, it's only been renamed to ‘Deezer for Creators’. 

In general, it is always very helpful to analyze the performances of your music. Not only to see which releases have worked out the best but also to get a feeling of where your music is being heard the most and where your fans are located. Over the years, the French streaming platform Deezer has become one of the most relevant streaming services in the world, offering various playlists for almost every commercial- and niche music audience.

Artists and artist managers can request their access to Deezer for Creators here.
Fill in all the required fields and connect your Facebook profile. If applicable, download the application to your mobile phone and log in with the registered account.
Once the app is downloaded, artists and managers can easily update their profiles, monitor the performance of their content, gain audience insights, and connect with their fans. 

Here’s what you can expect from ‘Deezer for Creators’:
- The app gives you a completely free experience and access to the stats you need - all in one place.
- Get access to statistics that can help you grow your audience and increase your streams.
- Monitor your music using data insights to continuously track how your releases are performing and developing over time.
- Customize your profile so fans can get to know you! Add a bio and a photo, and use the highlight feature to showcase your new releases or tracks you want your community to easily discover.
- Go behind the scenes and find out who your listeners are. Find out the gender and age of your audience, among other things, and let the data help you develop a targeted content strategy.

If you have any questions about Deezer for Creators, please feel free to contact us.