Make money with SoundCloud

Today it's again about the topic: How you can make money with your music. For many people, SoundCloud is a platform where you can share your music with other users for free. It can indeed be a very helpful platform, especially in the beginning,  as it helps you to receive the first feedback to your tracks just because everyone can easily listen to them.
But did you know that there is also the possibility to make money with your music on SoundCloud?
You can do it in two different ways: one way is to monetize the usage of your self-uploaded music and one way is through the paid streaming model SoundCloud Go+.

SoundCloud has been paying out royalties to users for their uploaded music for some time now. The money is generated through advertising and paid out proportionally to the music owner.
The only requirements are: The performers must be of legal age, have a certain minimum number of streams (must have exceeded at least 5000 plays in the last month) and may only stream original music with which they do not infringe any copyrights.

The good thing about SoundCloud is its large and engaged community that plays, likes, posts to friends and comments on tracks. This power of word-of-mouth has already produced some worldwide hits in the past. On SoundCloud, revenue is generated by ads that run before a song is played. This is something that fans have to put up with, but probably most of us are already  used to that from other social media platforms by now.

After putting your channels on the whitelist, they are automatically being requested for monetization. This process may take a few days. 
You can find all the documentation and more information here: Article SoundCloud

SoundCloud Go+
SoundCloud has grown from a free portal for artists to a streaming platform with new and exciting monetization options for all types of content creators!
With the launch of SoundCloud Go+, the platform introduced a brand new streaming function for users. We at dig dis! automatically upload your content to SoundCloud Go+ on the day of release and market it - just like on any other platform.
Your content will be uploaded in Go+ format, which means that only Go+ users (in currently supported countries) will be able to listen to it in full length, while non-subscribers will only be able to listen to a 30 second snippet of the upload.

As you can see, SoundCloud has a lot to offer. So it is very worthwhile to whitelist and monetize your tracks. Imagine one of your tracks will go through the roof - wouldn’t it be a shame not to get anything out of it? If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us. We hope you’re now more familiar withSoundCloud’s monetization models and the different ways of generating additional revenue from your music. If you are a dig dis! client, then feel free to reach out to us when you have questions around setting up the SoundCloud monetization.