Instagram's latest: Notes & Broadcast Channels explained

As an artist, leveraging social media platforms is crucial for promoting your music and connecting with fans. Among these platforms, Instagram stands out with its captivating visuals and extensive user community. It offers a remarkable opportunity to exhibit your talent. In this article, we will explore two exciting new features from Instagram that can supercharge your music promotion efforts: Instagram Notes and Broadcast Channels. Let's dive in!


Instagram Notes - Share Your Music Stories!

With Instagram Notes, you can share text-based posts of up to 60 characters with your followers or close friends. Excitingly, Instagram has now expanded this feature to include music clips, making it a perfect tool for sharing the songs you love or promoting your latest tracks. Here's how to make the most of Instagram Notes:

  • Craft captivating stories about your musical journey, inspirations, challenges, or the creative process behind your songs. Engage your audience with compelling narratives that draw them in.
  • Showcase your latest releases by attaching a 30-second music clip from your Instagram library to your notes. This exclusive feature lets your followers get a taste of your music while conveying your message effectively.
  • Encourage interaction with your notes! Invite your followers to comment, share their thoughts, or ask questions about your music. Building this sense of community strengthens your bond with your fans.

To use Instagram Notes, head to the "Messages" tab and click the "+" on your profile. From there, you can create a short message and add a song. You also have the option to choose whether you want to share it with all your followers or only your close friends.


Instagram Broadcast Channels - Directly Engage Your Fans!

Instagram now offers Broadcast Channels, enabling direct communication between multiple people through a DM-like interface. Your followers can respond, vote in polls, and engage with the content you share. Plus, Instagram has introduced updates such as questions, a dedicated "Channels" tab in the inbox, collaboration options, expiring channels, and the ability to share channel messages in Stories. Creating a broadcast channel in your inbox allows you to notify your followers of updates, and you can pin it to your profile or set it as subscriber-only for exclusive content.

Note: Only verified Instagram users could create broadcast channels. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the "Messages" tab on your profile.
  2. Click "Edit Options" on the right side of your screen.
  3. Select "Create a Broadcast Channel."
  4. Name your channel and you're all set!

Once your broadcast channel is ready, all your followers will be invited to join. It will also appear in your bio and can be shared in your Stories, giving you more ways to connect with your audience. According to recent testimonials, using broadcast channels leads to significantly better conversion rates compared to the standard feed. Start engaging with your followers directly and make the most of this powerful feature on Instagram!


Instagram continues to evolve as a powerful platform for musicians to promote their music and connect with fans. With the introduction of Instagram Notes and Broadcast Channels, you have new avenues to share your musical stories, engage with your audience, and cultivate a strong community of followers. Embrace these features, unleash your creativity, and unlock the full potential of Instagram to propel your music career to new heights. Start using Instagram Notes and Broadcast Channels today and watch your music reach a wider audience than ever before.