dig dis!cover with Dominik Saltevski

This summer, you performed at events like Nature One, Rave the Planet, and many others as a DJ. Was there a moment that particularly stood out for you?
This year, I had a lot of gigs that I really enjoyed, as mentioned above, Nature One, and others. But one moment stood out for me the most, and such chances don't come often - the former 'Love Parade,' now known as 'Rave The Planet.' That was a gig I won't forget anytime soon. Being in the midst of such a massive crowd and getting to present my music—it's the most impressive gig for me, probably for a long time.


Your release "Next Stop - Nowhere" from 2016 appears to be among your initial releases. How did you embark on your musical journey, and what or who sparked your passion for production?
I found my way into music through friends. While I always listened to music, it was my friends who directed me towards techno, in particular. From that moment on, I delved deeper and deeper into it until I finally wanted to make music myself. Although it didn't start in techno but in the trap/deep house genre, I wanted to keep evolving and eventually settled on techno.


What motivated you to launch your own label, Oneironaut? What visions do you have for your label?
I've always released music on other labels, and it wasn't always under the best conditions. I've always dreamed of releasing my own music on my own platform. So, the idea came to me to finally open my own label, 'Oneironaut.' Of course, it's not all about the financial aspect, but as a musician, especially an independent one, you eventually want to make a living from it, and unfortunately, that requires money. With my own label, I also have the opportunity to release my own music on my own terms: from producing the track to designing the cover, setting the release date, and so on.


How did your collaboration with dig dis! come about, and how have we been able to support you on your musical journey?
The collaboration with dig dis! came about through some colleagues. Since they were also looking for a good platform to release their work, they couldn't ignore dig dis!. I had heard nothing but good things from A to Z, so I thought, 'Why not give it a try?'. I wasn't disappointed. dig dis! has helped me a lot in getting my own work onto platforms like Spotify and others, whether it's about streaming or stores where people can download the music - everything is covered. For electronic music, dig dis! is perfect, at least for me. Everything is transparent, and you're dealing with kind and competent people who want to help you progress.


With Stay Lifted, you introduced a collaboration and subsequently your own merchandise. How did this idea come about, and were you involved in the design of the T-shirt?
Just like starting my own label, I wanted to have my own shirt with a unique design. Since Lifted is a relatively new but highly experienced group of talented individuals, it made perfect sense for us to collaborate. It was the perfect choice for me. I was involved in the design from start to finish. I felt that techno doesn't always have to be about chains or crosses, so the main element on my shirt is a cherry blossom. When it blooms, it's one of the most beautiful trees, and I wanted to convey that sense of lightness to the wearer of the shirt, combined with my own quote: 'Music triggers feelings that even neologism will not have an answer to'. That means there will never be words to describe what music makes you feel.


As someone with experience in the music industry, what advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers?
Regarding the technical aspects, you should at least be aware of the absolute basics, as it will help you tremendously on your journey. What happens afterwards takes place in your mind and is a product of your creativity.
The most important point is probably this: Stay committed and never give up! Believe in yourself and fulfill your dreams. You'll become stronger over time, and the stronger and better you become, the more people will be there trying to discourage you. So, stay true to yourself and realize your dreams, no matter what others say. You're doing it primarily for yourself.


Thank you for your time Dominik Saltevski!
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