dig dis!cover: Jil Tanner

How did you get into music?
So music has always played a very big and important role in my family. In my parents' house, we always listened to a lot of music and I used to sing and dance along, buying cassettes and so on. And then I learned to play the piano and started listening to hip hop and Soul when I was twelve. So I've always been diverse in music genres. As I got older, I also went out and I loved to party and started to enjoy the music even more. And then it all took its course. 


How did electronic music start then?
I started as a singer and did vocals for DJs. In general I had a lot of gigs as a singer and tried that out for a while. Over time I also took on more and more gigs and projects and did that for a few years.


How does the work back then differ from today? 
The difference is that you're just much deeper into the whole story (producing music) and you're completely involved in the process by yourself. And that's exciting. It's all coherent from the beginning and I can pick and choose all the elements that are cool for me and that I really want to have included in my productions. Whereas when I get a track sent to me for toplining, I feel into it and write the lyrics to it. It's of course also a part of me, but making my own tracks is even more intense, I would say.


How was your career as an artist then and was it difficult for you to find a label to represent you?
Yes, it's really not easy. I'm sure many can agree with me, whether you're already in the music scene or not - it's really tedious. It's hard to get an answer at all. I mean, label managers are so overloaded with demos and very often you don't know the people behind the label personally. With Natura Viva, I actually got a response the same day and they were so excited right away that they wanted to do a big 5 track EP with me. The EP "The Vision" also literally shows the vision I have for my music.


This EP also features your track ‘Trust the Process’. At the time of release, this track was included in the Spotify playlist ‘Electronic Rising’ and we were even able to get you featured on the playlist cover. How was that for you?
When I saw it for the first time, I had to look a second time because I couldn't believe my eyes. I was totally surprised and was incredibly happy. There was also a lot of feedback from all sides and I quickly noticed that it had an impact. I got more attention and got more requests. Also, one or the other artists became aware of me and more collaborations arose.

What is an important factor for you in a music distribution company?
Basically, it's about getting the music into the right channels like playlists and reaching the target audience you want to reach. Especially in the electronic scene, it's important to promote the music properly because it's still a niche in the music industry. 


How important is social media for you?
Social media is important for me because I know that I can't get around it if I want to get ahead and be noticed. Somehow you have to make yourself known. And for that I use Instagram the most and also Spotify. I think Instagram is the fastest way to reach an audience. I like to keep my fans updated or make an announcement when a new track comes out. But I'm not the type of person who posts ten times a day. I only post when I have something to say. I think Instagram is a good format to stay in touch with people, especially promoters. For me, social media is an important tool and I think that nowadays you can't get around it. 


What was the most beautiful or unforgettable moment in your music career so far?
One moment that comes directly to my mind is the moment when I decided to devote myself entirely to music. So the fact that I decided to follow music and pursue my passion. I’m passionate about music. I just love it from the bottom of my heart. And I want to keep going, keep going & keep going. I try not to put pressure on myself and everything will come as it comes and find its way. In the moments when I have a gig and the people spread a great atmosphere and feel the music exactly the way I feel it - those are always the moments that prove to me that I have gone the right way. 


Today is a very special day, because your single "Addiction" is released on your label K N KT. What can we expect on this label?
All in life is connected, especially the underground dance music scene KONEKT people all over the world. I love these special vibes and want to express this in my label!
I love the variations inside the techno genre, so my new label K N KT will be a variation from melodic to vibing techno.


Check out her new single here:

Thank you for this great interview Jil! We’re already very excited about where Jil‘s journey will take her. Stay tuned for more interviews coming on our blog! soon.