TIDAL Artist Home: Ultimate profile guide

In today's digital age, it is essential for artists to have an active and engaging presence on streaming platforms. TIDAL, recognizing this need, offers TIDAL Artist Home - an innovative dashboard designed specifically for artists and their teams. In this article, we will go over the features of this function, from applying for an artist profile to managing team members.


Claiming your spot: How to claim an artist profile on TIDAL

Any artist or representative aiming to take control of their profile on TIDAL can claim it through a simple process:

  • Step 1: Navigate
  • Step 2: Sign into your TIDAL account.
  • Step 3: Search for the artist using their name or paste the artist profile link directly.

However, it's crucial to remember that one can only claim one artist profile at a time. If you face an issue, such as seeing a "profile already claimed" notification, fret not. TIDAL offers a user-friendly reporting mechanism to rectify any discrepancies.


Ensuring authenticity: Track and release verification

Once the artist profile is identified, the next step involves associating relevant tracks or albums to it. If you come across content that doesn't belong to the artist, you can easily flag it, ensuring TIDAL gets the message.


Keep it real: Verification methods on TIDAL

Verification is paramount for authenticity. TIDAL offers two primary ways to verify an artist profile:

  • Via Social Media: A convenient method, artists can link and verify their profiles using recognized platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or X (formerly Twitter).
  • Manual Verification: For those preferring a detailed approach, filling out a manual verification form is the way to go. This method asks for essential details to facilitate TIDAL's verification process.


Personalizing on TIDAL: Editing artist profiles 

TIDAL's Artist Home offers easy profile customization, from profile images to social media links. Specific roles like Owner and Admin have editing rights. Users can quickly modify details with the "Edit" button and flag discrepancies via "Report."


Overview of team and account features

Within the "Team" tab, several roles have the ability to view, invite, and even revoke access to certain members. A breakdown of roles with their respective permissions offers a clear understanding. The significance of the "Account" tab cannot be overstated. It's a central hub where artists and teams can ensure their contact details are current. This proactive approach facilitates TIDAL's prompt updates about new offerings and updates. With the exception of those with "View Only" access, most can edit the artist's account details. For nuanced changes, like adjustments to legal names or birth dates, the Artist Support team stands ready to help.


TIDAL Artist Home is a testament to the platform's commitment to supporting artists in the digital age. Whether you're an artist or label manager, getting familiar with these features can enhance your music streaming journey. Dive in, explore, and take advantage of what TIDAL has to offer!