Spotify Artist ID

Have you ever had the issue on release day that your track appears on the wrong artist profile? If not, lucky you. If yes, we totally feel you here! Due to the large volume of tracks that get released every day, the chances are high that someone picks the same artist name like you which then leads to the creation of two artist profiles under the same name. Now if you want to release new music, Spotify might link your track to the wrong artist profile. That’s why we’ve worked hard on a solution to prevent this.

dig dis! is one of the only few music distributors worldwide where you can submit your Spotify Artist URI directly when uploading a new product to our system. On release day the artist will then be linked to the correct profile. This will guarantee that your releases will never be assigned to the wrong artist profile again.


What is a Spotify URI?
A Spotify URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) is a sort of ID which is automatically assigned by Spotify. Your Spotify artist page, your releases, and your tracks are all linked to an URI. What you might not know yet: This unique ID allows you to link directly to the Spotify app. So unlike clicking on a HTTP link, when you enter the URI in your browser, you're taken directly to the Spotify app without having to go to the web page first.


Where can I find the Spotify URI?
You can find your artist URI under your Spotify artist profile by clicking the three dots next to the "Follow" button. Once you have this view, then hold down the ctrl or alt keyboard key and you will be able to copy the Spotify URI.
Then "Copy Spotify URI" will also appear.

Note: Take care of not copying the URL by accident - happens to the best of us!

There's also the option that you can grab the Spotify URI from the URL.
First you need the number and letter combination between the / and ?.
Then you add spotify:artist: to the beginning.The Spotify URI will be: spotify:artist:3CUpjyDJOe47QOWbh686FE

However with the latest Spotify platform update, finding the Spotify Artist URI has gotten a little more tricky, which is why we've added a new feature to rokket! that makes it easier to find the correct URI for your artists.

rokket! will now give you Spotify URI suggestions based on the artist name you provided. Just click the little pencil icon next to the artist's name inside rokket! to edit the URI for any previously submitted artists, or just add the URI during the creation process of a new artist that has not yet been released on your label.

If you have a new artist that has never been released on Spotify before, please leave the URI field blank and check the box “Create a new Spotify artist profile”. 
In case none of the suggestions we provided were correct - please manually search for the Spotify URI and add it to the Spotify URI field within rokket!.

That’s all you need to know about Spotify URIs! We hope that’s enough to get you started using this awesome identifier more and more in your daily business!