Breaking down revenue metrics: Facebook & Instagram in 2023

With 2.32 billion users - 1 billion of them active on a monthly basis, Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms in the world. Given the immense popularity and size of the audience of these social networks, it has become crucial to promote your music on there. Because after all, these platforms are not just for spreading news or beautiful images, but mainly for staying connected and giving the user a place to express their inner feelings and moods. That’s also why Facebook has introduced music features such as stickers for their stories where users can add music to their short story-videos.
That being said, you can reach a very large number of potential listeners who can stream your music or play it in their Instagram/Facebook Stories. Wouldn't it be nice to be compensated for those clicks and mentions? If you publish your music through our dig dis! Service, then you can achieve just that.

As one of only a few music distributors in the world, we are happy to announce that we are collecting revenue from Facebook and Instagram and pay it to all of our clients in our monthly statement runs.
After not being able to monetize music usage on the two platforms at first, we have figured out a way to compensate our labels and partners for the consumption and usage of their content on these platforms. So no matter if your music was intentionally picked by a user for his/her Instagram/Facebook story, or if your music just appears in the background of a video, Facebook will be able to detect the played audio file and monetise its usage. 
And the best part is: you don't have to do anything in addition, because we'll manage the whole process for you and pay out your Facebook and Instagram royalties on a monthly basis.

Focusing on these two social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, definitely takes effort but now we’re happy to make these efforts worth it!