Soundtrack of the year: Exploring personalized music reviews

Spotify Wrapped has become an annual tradition for millions of music enthusiasts, offering a personalized recap of their year in music streaming. But did you know that other music platforms provide their users with similar year-end reviews? In this article, we'll explore some of these alternatives, such as Apple Music's "Apple Music Replay," Deezer's "My Deezer Year," and Traxsource's "Year In Review," which offer unique insights into your music listening habits.


Apple Music Replay

While Spotify Wrapped is a one-time-a-year event, Apple Music offers a year-round experience with "Apple Music Replay." This feature allows Apple Music users to reflect on their music journey at any time. Here's what you can expect from Apple Music Replay:

  1. Music listening stats: Apple Music Replay provides users with detailed statistics about their music consumption throughout the year. You can see the total hours of music you've listened to, the number of songs played, and even the number of different artists you've explored.
  2. Top songs and artists: Apple Music Replay compiles a list of your top songs and favorite artists, giving you an overview of your musical preferences.
  3. A year in playlists: Apple Music Replay also generates a personalized playlist featuring your most-streamed songs from the past year, allowing you to relive your musical journey.
  4. Accessibility: Apple Music Replay can be accessed through the Apple Music app on iOS/iPadOS devices or via a desktop browser, making it convenient for users across different platforms.


Deezer's “My Deezer Year”

Deezer, another popular streaming service, has its own unique take on the year-end music review with "My Deezer Year." This feature offers users an interactive way to explore their music habits from the past year. Here's what sets My Deezer Year apart:

  1. Interactive cards: My Deezer Year feels like a magical card game. As you explore, it reveals interesting tidbits about your music listening habits. You can discover how many new artists you've found, your favorite genres, and more.
  2. Comparing with others: Deezer also lets you see how your music habits stack up against other users, adding a social and competitive element to the experience.
  3. Music Quiz: For an extra layer of fun, My Deezer Year includes a music quiz based on your favorite songs and artists. The more dedicated you are as a listener, the more special cards you can earn.


Traxsource's "Year in Review"

Traxsource, the home for quality house music, also joins the year-end celebration with "Year In Review." This feature offers a unique perspective on your music preferences in the house genre. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Music highlights: Traxsource's "Year In Review" showcases your top tracks and artists in the house music genre, giving you a glimpse into your musical journey.
  2. Chart positions: Discover where your tracks landed on the Traxsource charts throughout the year, highlighting your success in the house music scene.
  3. Badge of honor: Your "Year In Review" badge showcases the number of features and chart positions you've achieved in 2023, a symbol of your contribution to the house music community.
  4. Share your success: Share your "Year In Review" badge on your social media profiles and let your fans and fellow artists celebrate your achievements with you.


While Spotify Wrapped remains the most well-known year-end music review, it's worth exploring these alternative platforms that provide unique insights into your music listening habits. Apple Music's "Apple Music Replay" offers a year-round recap, Deezer's "My Deezer Year" adds interactivity and fun, and Traxsource's "Year In Review" celebrates your success in the house music scene. So, whether you're an Apple Music aficionado, a Deezer devotee, or a house music enthusiast on Traxsource, there's something special waiting for you at the end of the year.