How to verify your label on Spotify

In the evolving landscape of digital music, establishing a verified label profile on Spotify is a crucial step for label owners. Spotify stands as a leading music streaming platform, offering a unique avenue for labels to engage with audiences, promote their artists and expand their influence. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the process of creating and verifying a label profile on Spotify, highlighting key benefits, including the ability to pitch tracks directly.


1. Starting with your Spotify label account

The foundation of your Spotify presence is creating a basic user account. This initial step is simple yet significant. Visit Spotify’s account creation page, and select a username that embodies your label's brand. Since this username is permanent, choose it carefully. Use an email linked to your label to set up this account. Once your account is active, you’re poised for the next critical phase: verification.


2. Elevating to a verified Label profile

Verification on Spotify is not just about authenticity; it's a strategic move for your label. Achieving verified status, indicated by the “blue tick,” adds credibility and trust to your profile. For label owners, verification opens up the advantageous feature of directly pitching your label's entire catalog of tracks to Spotify’s playlists. This benefit bypasses the need to rely on individual artists to pitch their tracks, streamlining your promotional efforts and ensuring a more cohesive representation of your label’s offerings.
To begin the verification process, complete Spotify’s designated form. Use an email that corresponds with your label’s domain, as this is part of Spotify's verification criteria. Next, send a blank email to to obtain a 7-digit code necessary for the process. Keep in mind, the review period for verification can extend up to four weeks.

A verified label profile on Spotify is a powerful tool, not only for its symbolic value but for its practical advantages in music promotion and artist management. Embracing this opportunity can significantly enhance your label's visibility and impact on one of the world's most prominent streaming platforms.
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