How to pitch songs on Amazon Music

Today we will show you how to pitch your tracks on Amazon Music. In order to do so your Amazon artist profile must be verified. If you haven't done that so far, feel free to check here for the guide.

Placing your music in playlists with many new listeners can be a big benefit. In addition, your fans and followers will receive notifications on their feed in the Amazon for Music app and mobile push notifications to their smartphones whenever you release new music. 

So it's not just about applying for a placement in Amazon's playlists. So it’s not just about applying for placement in Amazon’s playlists. Even if the curators don’t pick your track, the information you enter and the metadata embedded in your track will help Amazon to better understand your track and rank them in the algorithm.

Once you’re verified on Amazon Music for Artists, follow these steps to pitch your song:

1. Open the Amazon for Artists app and select „New Releases“.

2. Choose a track
Please note that you can only pitch one track per release. We therefore recommend that you choose to pitch the strongest track from your release. You can only pitch new music. This means the track must be one that has never been released before, i.e. a track from an album that has been pre-released may not be eligible for a pitch. In addition, multiple versions of the same track can’t be pitched. Also keep in mind that you have to pitch your track within two weeks of its launch for Amazon for Music. As soon as the period extends 15 days after release date it won't be eligible for pitching anymore.

3. Pitch your music
This includes entering required information like: why listeners would like the song. With 1000 characters or less you can tell the story of your planned promo, fan engagement and marketing strategy. 
You can also choose the genre (choose up to 3) and mention if your track contains lyrics. If "Yes" it will ask for the primary language in order to better target listeners.

4. Enter optional information
You can also enter additional information that will help Amazon to determine where to place your song if it’s chosen. This includes: what artists you sound like, where your biggest fan base is located, what moods your song fits to and how you would describe it in general.

5. Review your information and submit the song.

And that’s it! Got a new track you want to pitch for a playlist placement? Click here to open the app.