How to make the most of your ADE 2022 trip

For all electronic music enthusiasts, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a conference not to be missed. Taking place from October 19-23, it is both a music conference and festival, and is widely regarded as the global meeting place for the creative electronic music industry. ADE consists of a conference, as well as an arts and culture program during the day and a festival at night, with more than 1000 events at nearly 200 venues. For five days and nights, the city of Amsterdam breathes electronic music. 
For the world's largest electronic music gathering, it's important that you plan the event well in advance. These are the things you can plan in advance.

  1. -  Familiarize yourself with the city Amsterdam
    Since the events are held in many different locations, be sure to plan for plenty of travel and familiarize yourself with the city if necessary. You can download the map via Google Maps, so you always have the map of Amsterdam at hand (even in case the Internet is not working on your cell phone).

  2. - Consider which panels and discussions you want to attend
    Which panels and discussions do you want to attend? What topics would you like to learn about? It would also be important now to get an ADE Pro Pass, as this is absolutely necessary to participate in the events. 

  3. - Which gig you don’t want to miss?
    Which artists would you like to see? Due to the large selection, it is certainly difficult to choose exactly, but unfortunately you can not attend all shows. The ADE program has already been released, so everyone can start thinking about where they want to go. ADE programs

  4. - Get connected with other music industry people
    Set up meetings with your music distributors, label managers and all major music partners. This is your opportunity to connect with other music industry people. With the ADE Pro Pass, you can also browse through the delegates base and see which people are visiting the ADE and set up meetings ahead of time. This way you guarantee to meet and you can prepare yourself specifically for the appointment. The key points to connect are in front of the Hotel Andaz (Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht) and in front of the Felix Meritis.

Keep in mind that attending panels is great, but the ADE is all about networking. All the major players will be there, and it's worth going even if you don't have a ticket.

Our dig dis! team will also be in Amsterdam for the 5 days and is looking forward to meeting our partners, having interesting panel discussions and connecting with new music industry professionals.
If you are in Amsterdam too and want to meet us during ADE, then please fill out this form. We'll then get back to you as soon as possible.