Do you already know Clubhouse?

If you're a regular user of platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social media sites, you probably have heard about the latest trend: Clubhouse. That's the name of the app that is currently booming like no other for a long time. In the following blog post we'd like to show you how you can use Clubhouse for yourself and why it can be an interesting platform for artists and labels.

What is Clubhouse?
Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Clubhouse is about connecting people via audio, only. 
Basically, there are different rooms that users can log into. These rooms can be found by their topics in the title or by the people participating. So if you follow a person who is in a conversation, this room will be displayed as a suggestion on your home page. When you enter the room, you can simply listen to the speakers or let the moderators add you to the conversation by clicking the little "hand raise" icon. Once you join a conversation as a speaker, everyone who is currently in the same room can listen to you. Rooms on Clubhouse can have multiple topics including debates, lectures, performances, comedy shows, and jam sessions. The only rule within Clubhouse is that you are not allowed to record anything.

Note: You must be invited in order to use Clubhouse. Also the platform so far is limited to iPhone users only.

Why should you join Clubhouse?
Being part of a platform like Clubhouse in its early stage can be a big advantage: In the beginning, the group of users is much smaller making it easier to make a name for yourself because not everyone has an account yet. For you as a musician, there is a very special opportunity now: you could be one of the first to establish a completely new way of getting in touch with your fans. 
Fan connection is always an important topic, especially during times of COVID-19 where all live events have been cancelled. With Clubhouse, your fans have the opportunity to get a little closer to you. The app not only offers the opportunity to be up close and personal, but also opens up a new way of communicating and talking to each other.
In case you join a room in a discussion, your followers can set push notifications. This basically means that they'll be alerted immediately when you get going on Clubhouse. This immediacy is pretty useful for keeping your followers interested.
Another benefit is that when one of your followers joins the conversation, or you've opened up a separate room to talk to your fans, their followers will also receive a push notification. So this is totally convenient for reaching people who are connected to each other in your target group. In addition, it can be useful to join so-called "celebrity talks" in order to use their reach for yourself.
Are your friends connected with other musicians? Great! Clubhouse is the app where you can take advantage of that: Throw your audiences together and use the most ideal and easiest form of cross-promotion.
There are no limits for you: from backstage talk to technical details, tourlife or nerdy music knowledge - there is a right audience for every topic on Clubhouse. Since listeners can ask questions immediately, many conversations grow very easily. And the advantage compared to podcasts is also clear: the interaction makes the conversations even more topical in the moment they take place and thus more specific and relevant for the audience.

dig dis! x Clubhouse
We started to use Clubhouse ourselves to talk about digital music distribution in 2021, label management, best practices and so much more. We have many more conversations planned for the future. We will announce the next talk again via newsletters, as well as in our social media channels. So if you want to ask us some questions, talk about the music industry or simply just want to tell us how much you enjoy working with dig dis!, then Clubhouse is your chance to do that.