Your Berlin Dance Music Event 2024 Guide

If you're passionate about electronic dance music, the Berlin Dance Music Event (BDME) is an essential conference and festival. Taking place in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg from May 22-26, 2024, BDME serves as a key hub for the electronic music industry, blending professional panels, arts, and cultural activities by day with dynamic festival performances by night.


Get to know Berlin

BDME events are hosted at iconic venues like Ritter Butzke, Riverside Studios, and the SAE Institute. With additional events spread across the city, download an offline map to help navigate between these locations and over 15 cooperating night clubs throughout Berlin.


Plan your sessions

Decide which sessions to attend based on your interests or career industry leaders say about pressing topics like mental health, sustainability, and diversity? Or, at what stage should a newcomer consider getting a manager? Ensure you have a BDME Pass early on, as it's necessary for most of the conference's activities. By the way both Nico and Luca from our dig dis! team are taking part in a panel discussion during the BDME, so don’t miss out on that. For more information, check out the full BDME schedule here.


Prioritize performances and workshops

With a packed lineup of performances and over 15 night venues involved, identify which artists and clubs you can’t miss. Additionally, consider engaging in masterclasses, workshops, discussions, and lectures tailored to various aspects of the music industry such as music production, sound design, mixing, and mastering.


Leverage learning opportunities

Dive deep into topics such as how to maximize your presence on platforms like Beatport, Bandcamp and Spotify. Our team at dig dis! will be active throughout the event, engaging in discussions and looking forward to meeting industry peers as well as new contacts. If you’re in Berlin and would like to connect with us during BDME, we host an Industry Mixer at L.U.X Berlin on Thursday, May 23rd from 5-9. This exclusive event is an opportunity to network with the dig dis! team and other music industry experts. Enjoy complimentary drinks and a relaxed atmosphere conducive to forming and strengthening professional relationships. Space is limited, so be sure to secure your free ticket here.


Prepare well to take full advantage of what BDME has to offer. From educational opportunities to unforgettable performances, this event is a must for anyone in the electronic music scene. See you in Berlin!