What is SoundCloud's Monetization Program?

Through dig dis! you can now monetize your profile and its associated assets. SoundCloud's Monetization program is called "On SoundCloud" and there are many details here. (http://help.soundcloud.com/customer/portal/articles/1659059-what-is-on-soundcloud-)

What is whitelisting? And why is it important?

SoundCloud uses an automated content identification system to identify copyright material. This system is integrated into the upload process, so that any copyright material identified during upload can be blocked from appearing on the platform. By whitelisting an account, you can ensure that those people who are authorised to upload your content – for example, your affiliated companies or PR agencies – can do so without that content repeatedly being blocked.

Am I notified when its set for monetization?

Unfortunately we do not receive notification for every profile or track that is monetized. We recommend that once you submit your request you should check your profile(s) in 2-3 days to look if you see "Monetization" after your request and terms have been received. We further do not receive notification when tracks are monetized.

How do I monetize on my profile?

Send us a link with your SoundCloud profile ( URL). We´ll take care of the rest. 

How long until my profile and tracks become monetized?

There are two aspects to Monetization. The profile, and the track. In terms of the Profile, once you opt in to get your profile monetized it will take about 48 hours for the profile to have the ability to monetize tracks. Sometimes it is quicker but from what we have seen this is the usual time frame. 

In regards to the track, once your profile has the "Monetization" enabled you click on "Edit Track" and if you see a "Monetization" tab, then you are able to enter the proper details such as ISRC, Publisher Info, etc... to effectively monetize your track(s). From there it may take 48 additional hours for that track to be monetized as it has to clear publishing from SoundCloud's side.

How do I know my content is being monetized?

To confirm your track has been monetized, review its status on the 'Track Edit' page. If you want to see how an ad looks like it may take 48 hours for the ads to be shown as it has to clear Publishing through SoundCloud to allow for the monetization to take place. Ads are currently only going to be showing in the USA with ads not showing outside of the USA and tracks showing as you intended them in outside territories.

What can I do to ensure I monetize right away?

Once you have sent in your request to set your profile to Monetize, it will take 48 hours for the feature to be enabled at which point if you want to monetize right away, we do recommend that you have all of the necessary ISRC information ready to go in order to effectively monetize quickly. It will then take an additional 48 hours per track you monetize to become monetized in the territories where the advertising is currently enabled in.

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