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• Deliver to the largest network of stores & streaming partners in the industry

• License your music in TV, film, commercials, video games & more

• 24-hour distribution & processing

• Deliver to our network of 300 stores at no additional cost

• No additional charges

• Free personal help & advice when launching or expanding your label

• Rapid response customer service via email, telephone or Skype

• No annual fees or maintenance charges

• 360° service for your label

• Stems & Sample pack distribution


• Free promotional campaigns for all dig dis! clients with our promo tool „kontact!“

• Easily schedule the time and date when your promo e-mails are sent

• Upload up to 1.000 contacts for each promotional campaign

• Segmentation and group lists make it easy to send people specific campaigns

• Real-time download & feedback statistics

• Unlimited, secure promo campaign downloads

• In-depth campaign monitoring

• Customizable campaign reporting

• Customizable promo templates such as user defined label logos and banners

• Send the right files to the right people

• Forced feedbacks before download gets enabled

• Waveform sample player that works on every mobile device

• Automatic MP3 creation and ID3 tagging

• Free Delivery to Shazam

• Spotify – Branded Playlists

• Spotify – Verified Artist-/Label profiles

• Spotify - Targeted campaigns for your music

• Become part of our dig dis! Playlist!


• Free use of our statement tool “kontrol!“ to easily created professional statements for your artists

• Get detailed monthly royalty reports and request payments at any time

• In-depth daily/monthly/quarterly sales, reporting & analytics

• Daily sales from Amazon/ Apple iTunes/ Apple Music/ Beatport/ Deezer/ Spotify/ Traxsource and more

• Direct deals with all stores guarantees you the most royalties


• Monetize your songs on YouTube! Select an option to begin.

• Our experienced, “YouTube Certified” team will work with you on customized solutions for each project, and manage your Content ID (YouTube’s proprietary software that claims copyrighted material in user uploaded material).

We handle the entire process for you, from managing daily claiming tasks all the way through complicated rights management issues.

• Become one of our partner channels, and we’ll take care of the rest!


• Monetization of your tracks / songs on SoundCloud.

• Our team is happy to help you with promotion on and all questions regarding SoundCloud.

• Become a partner-channel of dig dis!.

• With dig dis! you can monetize your profile and all related content on SoundCloud.


• Free use of our promotion, statement & delivery tool to make your life easier

• Free online Beatport label application

• Beatport + other store approval help

• Protect your music from file sharing sites with our piracy protection service

• Free iTunes pre-order setup

• Freedom to choose the partners you’d like to work with!

• In-house compilation program to maximize revenue from your catalogue

• Track your performance using with interactive graphs

• Create new albums from your existing catalogue by easily using our free bundle


• Licensing of your tracks on compilations

• License your music in TV, film, commercials, video games & more

• Application on collecting societies (GEMA, SUISA)

• GVL application incl. label code acquiring & accounting

• Collecting neighboring rights & publishing royalties that your music is earning

• Sampling your music to the world of audiovisual media

• Sub publishing & close partnership in the US

• Radio & TV: Royalties for reiving airplay on terrestrial AM and FM radio stations, as well as music on broadcast and cable TV.

• Physical products and downloads: Mechanical royalties to songwriters for physical products (CDs/cassettes/vinyl) and downloads (Beatport/iTunes/Amazon).

• Synchronization (Sync): Licensing compositions and masters for movies, TV, commercials, video games, etc.

• On-Demand streaming music services: Performance royalties and mechanical royalties for plays generated through on-demand streaming platforms (Spotify, RDIO, Deezer).

• Non-Interactive Streaming Radio: Performance royalties for webcasting and sound recording performing royalties paid by Non-Interactive Streaming Radio platforms (Pandora/Slacker).