Frank Schreiner

Frank Schreiner, founder & CEO

Frank Schreiner, who has a degree in business management and a great love of music, is able to look back on a career in the music business that spans more than 25 years now. He founded vinyl distribution company Music Mail Tonträger GmbH (Ltd.) in 1992. In 2005 the company acquired Nova MD GmbH, a CD distributor and continued the consequent expansion of their independent distribution capabilities.

He recognised the importance of the trend towards digital early on, co-founded M-tunes (now, Believe Digital Germany) and enlarged the existing structures by adding dig dis! in 2006, thereby going digital. The right decision it would seem, as dig dis! has developed into one of the biggest and most innovative distribution companies in Europe, in a very short time. The services offered by dig dis! far exceed those offered by more traditional distribution structures.

  • 26 years. 2500+ labels.
  • Free registration.
  • Free promotool & statementtool.
  • 365 days of full control.
  • Fast and transparent.
  • Licensing for all media sectors.


About dig dis!

dig dis! was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Music Mail Tonträger GmbH. Existing expertise and professional structures related to the physical distribution were transferred and expanded on. Since then, we have grown into one of the biggest independent distribution companies for digital music, be it for labels or producers.

Our members of staff, who have all worked in the music business before, enable us to keep our workflow short, professional and efficient. We keep an eye on the high standard of our services without taking our fingers off the pulse of the industry, in order to be able to recognize and adopt innovative tendencies.

We develop our own tools in house, which makes it possible for labels and producers to get the very best from our services. Direct contracts with the big download sites in conjunction with personal contacts that we have nurtured for years, enable us to achieve preferential positioning on all important platforms.

dig dis! Spain
Iván Corrochano

Das ganze Team

Tobias Hölzel
Label Manager
Oliver Schweizer
Head of Customer Support
Paul Beifuss
Customer Support
Patrick Hustoles
Label Manager / Royalty
Chris Kögler
Systems Analyst
Erkan Yapicier
Executive Assistant / New Media Affairs
Luca Schreiner
New Media Affairs / Customer Support
Yiki Fong
Claudia Schreiner
Monika Ebert
Head of Security

Co-operation partner

A&R / Acquisition
Rainer Weichhold