Spotify for Artists: Artificial streaming education

In one of our latest blog posts we already talked about Spotify Artificial streaming.Today we're here to shed light on a concerning issue plaguing the music industry: deceptive music promotion services. These services, often promising playlist placements or guaranteed streams for a fee, pose significant risks to your reputation and catalog's presence on streaming platforms.


The risks

Streaming platforms are vigilant about detecting artificial streams. If they suspect illegitimate methods (like bots or streaming farms), they may penalize distributors by withholding royalties or removing your catalog entirely. It's important to note that any deductions we receive as your distributor from Spotify do not negatively affect any of our other labels and artists who did not release the applicable violating tracks. Non-violating artists are not impacted by artificial streaming penalties in any way.


Our advice

Before engaging with any music promotion service, conduct thorough research. Ensure they prioritize authenticity and genuine engagement with your audience. Remember, a quick fix isn't worth jeopardizing your hard-earned success.


Moving forward

As your trusted partner, we're here to support you in navigating the music promotion landscape. Let's work together to protect your music career and reputation in the industry.