Embracing Dolby Atmos at dig dis!

Dolby Atmos is reshaping the music industry by offering a more immersive audio experience. At dig dis!, we're excited to support artists and labels who want to explore this advanced sound technology, allowing music to be experienced in a fuller, three-dimensional space.


What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos goes beyond traditional stereo sound by adding height and depth to audio. This creates a spherical sound environment where audio can move around and above the listener, providing a more enveloping experience.


Dolby Atmos at dig dis!

Enhance Your Music’s Reach: Dolby Atmos lets your music exist in a more expansive space, offering listeners a deeper sound experience. Supported by major platforms like Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon, your tracks can reach audiences in superb quality.
Submitting Your Tracks: If you're ready to use Dolby Atmos, prepare your tracks and contact us at We're here to assist with uploading your music in this format.


Benefits of Dolby Atmos

Engage your listeners: Tracks produced in Dolby Atmos engage listeners by surrounding them with sound, potentially increasing their interest and time spent listening.
Stand out in the market: As listeners increasingly seek out high-quality audio experiences, music in Dolby Atmos can distinguish you from other artists.
Explore new sounds: This technology gives you the creative freedom to place sounds precisely in a three-dimensional field, enhancing the creative palette available to you.
Enhanced revenue potential: And the best thing about it is that the stores reward this audio format higher, potentially increasing your earnings.


Get started

Start using Dolby Atmos by ensuring your music is compatible with this format and reaching out for assistance with uploading. We look forward to supporting you in this advanced audio setting.

Dolby Atmos offers a new approach to audio that can deeply enhance how listeners engage with music. At dig dis!, we are ready to help you navigate this exciting technology, enabling you to produce sound that truly stands out. Explore the possibilities of Dolby Atmos with us.