Discover "My Spotify": Personalizing your music experience

If you’ve ever felt like Spotify just understands your musical preferences, you’re not alone. With over 615 million users, Spotify provides a personalized listening experience for each user, often affectionately termed “my Spotify.” Spotify offers a diverse array of listening experiences, aiming to continually adapt and personalize the musical journey for each user with their preferred artists, genres and creators.


Introducing "My Spotify"

"My Spotify" is the latest initiative designed to celebrate the diverse ways users connect with the platform. This personalized listening journey is tailored based on individual preferences, offering a unique experience for every listener. Initially rolling out in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, "My Spotify" aims to deeply personalize the music experience.

In the upcoming weeks, users will notice new home page banners and personalized messages in the app that reflect their specific listening habits. These features enhance deeper exploration into personalized Spotify elements such as Daylist, DJ, Blend, Daily Mix, and the "Made For You" hub - a dedicated space filled with customized playlists, podcasts and recommendations.


Celebrating individuality with cultural icons

The campaign also features real Spotify users and notable cultural figures sharing their personal Spotify experiences. Influential personalities including artist Carly Mark, actor Ewen Bremner, publicist Gia Kuan, and FC Barcelona players Lucy Bronze, Salma Paralluelo, and Alejandro Balde are showcasing how they personalize their interaction with Spotify.


The importance of personalization

Personalization is highly valued by Spotify listeners, driving continuous efforts to deliver precisely the right content at the right time. Listeners have built their own distinctive worlds within Spotify, which are irreplaceable and uniquely theirs. "My Spotify" introduces new features that further personalize and distinguish each user’s music experience.

Embark on this journey of musical discovery and see how "My Spotify" can enhance your listening experience, making every song, playlist, and podcast feel like it was curated specifically for you.