5 easy steps to transfer your music to dig dis!

If you're an artist or label ready to manage your music more effectively and reach a broader audience, switching your music distributor can be a pivotal move. Although the thought of transferring your music catalog might seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you smoothly switch to a new distributor like dig dis!.


1. Get in touch with us

Start by reaching out to your new distributor. This is your first step in the transition process. At dig dis!, we make it easy to get the ball rolling with a quick response to your initial inquiry. If you want to learn more about our service visit our website or directly apply here: Our team will shortly get back to you then. Please note, our application process is not binding, so just reach out to us if you have any questions. If you decide to move forward, we’re happy to send over our distribution agreement. 


2. Have your files at hand

Make sure you have all the essential files like audio files and artworks of your already released back catalog ready. If you are missing some files, you might have to request them from your current distributor or even consider buying them again via Beatport or any other platform that offers the download of wav. files. 


3. Upload your music

Keeping the same metadata is crucial to maintain the current streaming stats and playlists placements of your music. Therefore we’ve created a Spotify importer tool, that basically imports all metadata of your already released products from Spotify into our upload tool within just a few seconds. This also ensures that everything transfers over seamlessly and without any issues. Now you only have to add the audio files, artworks and a few additional details that our tool cannot automatically retrieve from Spotify. We've designed our uploading process to be straightforward and user-friendly, so this is an easy process. 


4. Request a takedown from your old distributor

To avoid any overlap or confusion, it's important to have your old distributor remove your music from platforms. However please always get in touch with us before issuing any takedowns. Timing this step right ensures your music remains available to your audience without interruption.


5. Finalize the transition

Wrap up the switch by finalizing all the details with dig dis!. Our support team is here to ensure that your transition is smooth and that your music catalog is set up correctly. Here at dig dis!, we do label switches on a daily basis, so you’re definitely in good hands. 


Why choose dig dis!?

At dig dis!, transitioning your music catalog is a breeze thanks to our cutting-edge tools, such as the bulk importer. This tool allows you to easily move all your releases from platforms like Spotify with minimal effort on your part, handling most of the metadata automatically.
Ready to switch and elevate your music distribution? Start the process here with dig dis! and take advantage of our efficient setup and robust support system. Join dig dis! today and let us help you expand your musical reach with our expert distribution services.